The Lexus RZ is a vision of Lexus like no other. It is the first Lexus to use an all-new electric platform, first to power each axle with Direct4 technology, first to use augmented reality and artificial intelligence to connect the driver and vehicle like never before – so many firsts. This all electric SUV of the future has been inspired by a philosophy that has guided us forward from the beginning: our machines are an extension of human intent. By evolving the vehicle to be even more intuitively responsive to a drivers’ needs, Lexus envisions a driving experience unlike any other – and the feeling is electric.


The future of driving manifests itself in the first Lexus to be built on an all-electric platform: the Lexus RZ. Its all-new powertrain will vastly improve both acceleration and power delivery compared to traditional cars and SUVs. With an impressive driving range, the RZ – referred to as the Lexus Electrified SUV Concept – will accelerate with astonishing speed. In addition, the center of gravity will be lowered to provide drivers the razor-sharp handling and enhanced control needed for a demanding drive.


Made of light-controlling glass, the panoramic roof of the all-new Lexus RZ truly invites the outside in. And with the simple touch of a button, its transparent roof can be turned opaque.


With an open and minimalist design, the interior of the Lexus RZ embodies an elevated level of Lexus’ human-centric approach. The Tazuna cockpit features an augmented reality head-up display, gauges, touchscreen display, and other functions that are grouped seamlessly into a single module. On the road, the artificial intelligence featured in the new Lexus RZ acts as a lifestyle concierge, acknowledging by touch or voice the driver’s preferences, proposing routes, restaurant reservations and beyond.

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