2020 Lexus NX vs. Toyota RAV4
The Lexus NX is leading the industry in luxury crossover SUVs. In fact, the Toyota RAV4 wishes it was more like the NX. Here's a comparison of both vehicles. After a review, you'll understand why the Lexus NX is the easy choice for your next luxury crossover SUV.



Image via Flickr by rvandermaar

Both vehicles use an in-line 4-cylinder engine, but that's where the similarities end. The Lexus NX outperforms the Toyota RAV4 in every key category. The result is more power, better handling, and a superior driving experience.

  Lexus NX 300 Toyota RAV4
 Engine 2.0-liter turbo-charged inline 4 cylinder 2.5-liter inline 4-cylinder
 Horsepower 235 horsepower 203 horsepower
 Torque 258 pound-feet of torque 184 pound-feet of torque
 Suspension Sport-tuned with automatic variable suspension Multi-link rear suspension 
 Drive Modes Three modes, plus a customizable mode Three modes only


The Lexus NX is designed for a sophisticated luxury experience. The Toyota RAV4 would like to do the same, but it doesn't quite measure up. 

  Lexus NX 300 Toyota RAV4
 Length 182.7 inches 180.9 inches
 Width 73.6 inches 73.0 inches
 Height 64.8 inches 67.0 inches
 Wheelbase 104.7 inches 105.9 inches
 Leg Room Front / 2nd Row 42.8 inches / 36.1 inches 41 inches / 37.8 inches
 Head Room 38.2 inches / 38.1 inches 37.7 inches / 39.5 inches
 Shoulder Room 57.3 inches / 55.3 inches 57.8 inches / 56.4 inches
 Hip Room 55.1 inches / 53.9 inches 54.3 inches / 47.7 inches

As you can see, the Lexus NX is only slightly longer, a little shorter, and about the same width as the RAV4. However, the cabin of the NX is roomier, particularly in the front.


The Lexus NX comes equipped with many technology features found on the RAV4, plus a few that are exclusive to the NX. Here's a look at how they compare.

  • Navigation System
  •  Lexus has split-screen technology on a 10.3-inch touch screen. The RAV4 uses an 8.3-inch touch screen.
  • Lexus Enform Wi-Fi 
  • Connect up to five devices on the 4GB Wi-Fi, available with a one-year free trial from Lexus. The RAV4 does not have Wi-Fi capability.
  • Lexus Remote Touchpad
  • The Lexus NX comes standard with a remote touchpad that mimics your smart phone's touchpad. Easily access your phone using this large surface touchpad with pulse feedback and intuitive pinch, swipe, and flick gestures. The RAV4 does not have a remote touchpad.

Luxury and Convenience

The Lexus NX is setting the standard for luxury in the crossover SUV market. The RAV4 would like to be more like the NX, but right now it falls short in some key areas.

  • The NX comes standard with high-grade perforated leather seats throughout. The RAV4 trims the seats using a synthetic material called Softex.
  • The NX comes standard with a leather trimmed shift knob and heated steering wheel. The RAV4 does not.
  • The NX comes standard with a 10-way power adjustable seat that is customizable for multiple drivers. The RAV4 has an available 8-way power adjustable driver seat with single memory capability.

There are many more reasons to choose the Lexus NX over the Toyota RAV4. Come in and test drive one today and experience for yourself the luxurious difference of the NX.