2020 Lexus NX                                                                 vs                     Land Rover Discovery Sport

There are luxury crossover SUVs, like the Lexus NX, and then there are those trying to be like the Lexus NX. Here's a comparison look at one such vehicle, the Land Rover Discovery Sport. After a review, you'll understand why the Lexus NX leads the competition in the luxury crossover SUV market.

Fuel Economy


Image via Flickr by THE SMADE JOURNAL

Both vehicles come with inline turbo-charged 4-cylinder engines. Yet the boxy style of the Land Rover gives the Lexus NX a significant edge in fuel economy.

 MPG Ratings Lexus NX LR Discovery Sport
 City 22 MPG 19 MPG
 Highway 28 MPG 24 MPG
 Combined 25 MPG 21 MPG

The Lexus design is one of sophistication. The Land Rover Discovery Sport has captured the signature style of its forebears: a boxy, unwieldy style better suited for the Serengeti than the urban jungle it lives in.

 Measurements Lexus NX LR Discovery Sport
 Turning Circle 37.4 feet 38.7 feet
 Aerodynamic Drag Coefficient 0.34 Not published
 Length 182.7 inches 181 inches
 Width 73.6 inches 85.6 inches
 Height 64.8 inches 68 inches
 Wheelbase 104.7 107.9
 Cargo Capacity 17.7 cubic feet 23.2 cubic feet
 Curb Weight 3,940 pounds 4,210 pounds
 0-60 MPH Time 7.1 seconds 7.3 seconds

The Lexus NX is a little longer but sits lower, is slightly slimmer, and has a narrower wheel base, giving it the edge in maneuverability over the Land Rover Discovery Sport.

Comfort and Design

Lexus is luxury, and the NX is no exception. The Land Rover Discovery Sport would like to copy the Lexus NX, but it falls short.

  • The Lexus NX Sport comes with 19-inch forged alloy wheels. The Land Rover Discovery Sport comes standard with 18-inch wheels.
  • The Lexus NX Sport comes with Adaptive Front Lighting. The Land Rover Discovery does not.
  • The Lexus NX Sport comes with sophisticated real-wood accents. The Land Rover Discovery comes with metal accents.
  • The Lexus NX has power reclining and folding rear seats. The Land Rover Discovery does not.
  • The Lexus NX has the Lexus Memory System for multiple drivers to save driver configurations. The Land Rover Discovery Sport does not.


The Lexus NX comes standard with Lexus Safety System+ 2.0 on every model. This safety suite has a number of key features that the Land Rover Discovery Sport does not.

  • All speed dynamic radar cruise control
  • The Lexus NX uses advanced technology to monitor the vehicle in front, whether in stop and go traffic or at highway speeds, and adjusts vehicle speed accordingly. 
  • Pre-collision system with pedestrian detection
  • The system monitors vehicle speed and distance and alerts when a collision is possible. The system automatically applies brake pressure to reduce the force of an impact or avoid a collision altogether.
  • The system identifies pedestrians even in low light situations and automatically applies the brakes if the driver fails to react.
  • Road sign assist
  • The system identifies and displays road signs as you drive, alerting you if something on the road or in the vehicle creates a distraction.

The Lexus NX continues a long tradition of luxurious excellence. Come in and test drive one today, and see for yourself why there's Lexus and then there's everyone else.