2020 Lexus LS     vs.        Cadillac CT6

An automotive purchase is a big decision and a luxury model like the 2020 Lexus LS or Cadillac CT6 is a major investment. Cadillac and Lexus are two names that immediately come to mind when thinking of luxury cars, but the Cadillac CT6 has received consistently poor reviews in comparison to other luxury sedans in its class.

Luxury & Convenience


Image via Flickr by Janitors

Luxury features are a key issue for potential car owners shopping for models like the LS or CT6. Lexus and Cadillac are both recognized as luxury brands, but the comforts and conveniences they offer vary.

  • The Lexus LS offers a 24-inch head-up display, which is twice the size of Cadillac's 12-inch display.
  • Uniquely handcrafted, interior luxury options include artwood and Kiriko glass trim. Not only are these artisanal elements not available on the Cadillac CT6, these features are unique to the LS.
  • Both vehicles have customizable, leather interior and seating, though many of the seating features standard to the LS are optional on cars like the Cadllac CT6, so they cost more.

Safety & Security

Although incidences of auto collisions have fallen in recent years, car thefts have risen. Security is a major issue for most auto buyers, even if their living and driving conditions are comparatively safe. 

  • Intuitive parking assist and obstacle detection technology with automatic braking comes standard on several LS models. This technology includes blind spot monitoring which alerts you to nearby objects you might not notice otherwise. The Cadillac CT6 has forward collision alert and rear pedestrian alert.
  • The LS also includes "collision crumple zones" designed to withstand the majority of any impact without delivering damage to the occupants. This feature is not available on the Cadillac CT6.
  • The Lexus LS' rear seat airbags provide extra safety for passengers which may be attractive to families and also businesses looking for a safe company car. 


Most major purchasing decisions are determined by price. Cars must be maintained and include many costs beyond the sticker price, all of which should be considered. Both Cadillac and Lexus provide comprehensive coverage for new owners but keep the following costs in mind:

  • Gas prices fluctuate constantly. The LS gets up to 30 mpg on the highway; models like the Cadillac CT6 lack that level of fuel efficiency.
  • Auto insurance rates tend to remain stable if you maintain a clean driving record and have no accidents. The Lexus LS' superior safety features help you maintain that good driving record.
  • Both of these models are luxury cars with many customizable options, and although both companies provide excellent maintenance plans, repairs and maintenance can prove costly. The Lexus LS depreciates at a considerably lower rate than the Cadillac CT6.

While the Cadillac CT6 is a fine automobile with many features, it does not match the Lexus LS. Competitively priced with more available luxury features, the Lexus LS is preferred by drivers and reviewers. Contact your local Lexus dealer to learn more and test drive an LS today.